Industrial products are bought not sold. When a B2B customer has a need they will research and seek out potential vendors. We create and distribute important, topical and relevant content about your company, equipment brands, products and industry so when potential customers decide to look for information to make a buying decision; your company is a highly visible and credible choice. 


Content marketing brings qualified customers to you!

Blog Development

Today’s demand for fast and reliable information makes the Internet a go to point for consumers. Having a blog is both unique and successful because of its ability to regularly share new content. The Ousset Agency will provide fresh content that is valued for your information-hungry customers while also exposing new content for search engines to optimize your online influence.

Social Media

Optimizing social media platforms is an important part of today’s connected world. Social media can be a key strategy to growing a business and expanding its customer base. Our service professionals can manage your social media accounts to increase traffic and gain attention.

Public Relations

PR offers several advantages that can’t be achieved as well with other promotional options. The media can play a big role in the image of a company since most audiences identify it as a third party with an unbiased opinion. The Ousset Agency handles our client’s public relation campaigns to establish credibility and exposing to a target market with more detailed information.

Website Content

A company’s website is the first and perhaps the only chance to market its product or services to its online customers. It is essential to be sure that you are achieving a number of components to optimize your website content. Allow The Ousset Agency to use our professional services to construct quality content for your website and enhance audience satisfaction, as well as search engine optimization.

Employee Relations

Employees – the most important part of any business. A happy employee is a productive employee and no business can run effectively without them. We help implement employee relations programs for our clients to strengthen commitment and loyalty of employees.


Webinars are a convenient, simple way to stay connected to your customers and colleagues. Many people today prefer to learn about new concepts and ideas in a visual way, rather than reading or listening. An effective webinar can be fun and entertaining, while conveying important messages about your company’s products and solutions. We can help you prepare a budget-friendly webinar to impress your audience.


Businesses utilize presentations for many different reasons. Having a strong and effective presentation means getting involved with an audience in an interactive way. We offer professional solutions to providing effective and quality presentation production.

White Papers

A good whitepaper takes research, dedication and commitment. As opposed to blogs and website pages, whitepapers are in-depth and detailed informational pieces designed to explain the ins and outs of a specific process or product. Not everyone will want to read a whitepaper, but conscientious decision makers often do before deciding on a large purchase. Our content writers can help you with research and copy to produce this marketing tool, while our graphic designers can help your whitepaper create credibility and trust.